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NCOBAA donated funds to uplift the welfare of retired teachers

Teachers who laid the foundation of our education are now enjoying the sunset years of their lives. Inevitably, they are faced with the burden of illnesses along with financial hardships in meeting the urgent need of proper healthcare. NCOBAA stepped up to this occasion and donated US$5000 to the "Retired Teachers' Medical Assistance Fund".


NCOBAA Continues its decade-long sponsorships to needy students

Every year, in collaboration with the Principal of Nalanda College NCOBAA, identifies 20 financially needy students who are motivated to learn. The program is geared to support students sitting for the Advanced Level Exam at the beginning of their grade 11 through 12 for two years. Consequently, for a given year, NCOBAA financially supports 40 students at the college. These scholarships are generously supported by our executive and general members. Each sponsor commits for two years to the student he chooses. THERE ARE MORE NEEDY STUDENTS THAN THE CURRENT NUMBER OF 20 AT NALANDA COLLEGE, AND NCOBAA ASPIRES TO EXPAND THIS PROGRAM BEYOND 20 STUDENTS. YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT IS MUCH APPRECIATED TO DO SO.     


NCOBAA contributed to overhaul bathroom facilities in Nalanda College

During an ongoing renovation effort of the existing buildings at Nalanda College, came an opportunity for NCOBAA to financially contribute towards the renovation of several bathrooms in the school. This project was successfully completed. 


NCOBAA screened "YATHRA" movie in Los Angeles to

help Retired Teachers' Medical Fund

To raise funds to support the Nalanda College Retired Teachers’ Medical Assistance Fund, NCOBAA screened YATHRA film co-produced by the veteran Sri Lankan Actress, Ms. Sriyani Amarasena who also graced the event held on Saturday, November 2nd at 2 PM at Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills. NCOBAA-sponsored LA screening marks the first public screening of this film.

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